Belmont achieved No.1 exporting dental unit sales from Japan in 2017, 2016 and 2015.
Survey performed by Trade Static of Japan "HS Code 9018.49.100 Dental Unit"
(Sales under the Takara Belmont Singapore Pte Ltd territory)
Belmont aims to sell 10,000 sets of dental unit all over the world annually.


Belmont's meticulous engineering is the culmination of over 50 years of research and development. By using original valve and hydrauric chair system, Belmont's treatment centers are now world renowned reliable product. Hydrauric system offer the advantages of high power, safety, durability and quiet and smooth operation.
Durability testing is vital to the development of our equipment. Valves undergo up to 1 million repetitions of testing before they are deemed up to Takara Belmont standard. All the dental chairs are operated by hydraulic system, which provide long term performance for operators as these chairs undergo 100 thousand repetitions of testing. Smooth and comfortable movement of seat motion minimize patient stress.


Takara Belmont is keen about keeping the high quality.
We design and manufacturing key components of our products Osaka and Tokyo in Japan

We properly use cell production system and line production system.
Each assembly worker proudly puts the label showing who assembled the product.