The world’s most extensive source of professional beauty information.

Exciting experiences and discoveries await your visit, in a space packed full of ideal salon images.
TB-SQUARE is a comprehensive, professional beauty information epicenter, showcasing new salon menu, equipment and space designs, and offering trainings for techniques as well as consultation and advice on business management and the problems faced by salon staff.
Experience the innovative Takara Belmont approach to supporting salon creation, with free-ranging experience and demonstrations of our latest equipment lines and salon menus.

Helping salon staff identity and resolve all kinds challenges.
The massive FIND50 offerings, unique to TB-SQUARE.

You want to bring in the latest salon design trends, you’re looking for attractive new salon menus, or you want to open a cvlon . . .
FIND50 – 50 kinds of content in a vibrant array, unique to TB-SQUARE – helps to identify and resolve all kinds of challenges for the salon staff. 
All kinds of equipment series are set up in one floor. So you can compare them without going around the floors as in the case of conventional showrooms. 
In other floors, take your time, experiencing or watching the newest evolutions of salon services . . . and find the moment that crystallizes your ideal salon vision.

1FExperience Beauty

Spacious free areas, open experience of
the latest Takara Belmont equipment and salon menus.

TB Library

Up-to-date information on our cosmetic brands and special events

Stop in for the latest information on our 11 brands icluding LebeL and ESTESSiMO, and announcements of special presentations and events. Take time to explore the reference collection on buisiness startup matters.

Communication Hall

A free space for visitor

View large-format displays of various kinds of information from TB-SQUARE, examine information obtained from the TB Library. meet with friends or associates, or just relax.

Experience Booths

Stations for experiencing and observing the latest Takara Belmont equipment, placed in an open layout.

Survey the spectrum of treatments in various model spaces, with demonstrations of our latest equipment and salon menus. Consider the options from every angle, including actual experience of equipment and treatment options you are considering for your salon.

2FEncounter Beauty

A wealth of displays, from standard products to the latest Takara Belmont equipment.
View and compare the immense number of items collected together on a single floor.

Shampoo and OSP Service Booth

Pick the perfect shampoo unit from a comprehensive selection

View the full lineup of famed Takara Belmont shampoo equipment, and find the one that’s most comfortable and best fits your plans. There is also an array of equipment for OSP services.

Men’s Booth

Ideas ofr chairs and spaces that highlight services of perction

An array of men’s chairs with luxurious comfort and multiple functions. Check out different combinations of chairs and shampoo unit.

Processor Booth

A comprehensive display of the very newest Takara Belmont equipment for particular uses

A comprehensive display of the very newest Takara Belmont equipment for particular uses - perms, coloring, treatments and more. This part of FIND50 lets you experience equipment that is not yet on your salon.

Styling Chair Booth

Ideas for laying out a salon around the styling chairs

Presenting stylish examples of space design focusin on various chair styles, like the popular HALO and bina lines in our Collaboration Series.

Esthetic and Nail Booth

Explore a wide variety of facial equipment in a private space

An extensive lineup of facial equipment, special nail chairs and products. Try them while in the relaxing in the private space.

3FDesign Beauty

Simulations in the Design Lab, accessing all our latest information.
The design you imagine can become a reality.

Interior Space Lab

Simulate spaces while envisioning your actual salon

For example, simulate ceiling heights and aisle for shampoo booths, or the types and positions of styling booth mirrors. For lighting, try different brightness, color temperature and light distribution levels. Experiment with the many samples of flooring and wall finishes.

Takara Design Lab

Collect hints for space creation

A meeting space for decor design. Bring in your designer to review different materials and lighting as well as construction samples.

Flexible Seminar Room

Multipurpose event and education space

Fully equipped with a movable stage and special lights. Ideal for a hair show, technique training, or other event.

Global Space

Takara Belmont around the world

Presenting some of the popular products that are loved by more than 150 countries.
Distributed through our global network on ten foreign branches.

4-5FDesign Beauty

Attend lectures and brand seminars to acquire adavanced techniques
and knowledge for added-value salon services.

The LebeL creation floor supports several kinds of
skill development for hair designers.

  • LebeL Brand Booth

    Visual presentations of the latest information on LebeL brand hair products, events and trends.

  • LebeL Studio

    A night school based on the educational programs proudly offered by LebeL, with courses from basic to master levels, bringing you a step ahead on contemporary trends.

  • Photo Studio

    A fully equipped photo studio, to turn the creative sensibility of hair designers into enduring works.

Practical skill trainings for shampoo,
esthetic and nail services.

  • Brand Display

    Experience the worldviews of ESTESSiMO Dermalogica and other cosmetic brands that support top-quality salon services.

  • Shampoo Studio

    Three large and small studios equipped with a total of 15 shampoo stations, Ideal for head spa and shampo trainings, as well as free parsonal practice.

  • Esthetic and Nail College

    For those seeking more highly specialized skills, The Esthetic and Nail College operated directly by Takara Belmont is also on the premises.